Vorsche Buildup
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This is entirely dedicated to the Vorsche. I have never worked on or owned a MKII, so it was a learning experience. From the time the idea was conceived to the finished driveable car was 12 weeks. It was built entirely by me and my son, who had limited customizing experience. He has alot more now.  We were only able to work on this in the evenings and weekends. You will notice that I like to keep as much of the vehicle intact as I can, cutting out only what is absolutely necessary. This will help keep the structual integrity intact and is very important on a uni-body car. I utilize the original vehicle mounting points whenever possible because these were designed to be the strongest points of the car. Before you cut out anything on a car think about how it is going to affect it. Safety is the #1 priority.

We began with a pretty trashed Golf. The first thing we did was to take it down to a shell. The spare tire well will need to be removed.  The 944 rear suspension was raised into place to see how it would fit. The curvature of the unibody matched that of the 944 mount points. I was in luck. I rotated the forward mount of the golfs original axel mount 90 degrees and temporarily tacked it in position. The holes in the mount do not line up with the 944 mount so it will need to be redrilled. Jack the suspension into position and start taking measurements. These MUST be spot on. No exceptions. 


Note the masking tape on the body. Make marks on these for alignment purposes.

Suspension being put in place.
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Tacked into position. Always try to use the original mounting areas of a unibody car. These are the strongest points. The suspension mount point does hang down a bit. The other alternative is to make a pocket for it to mount in, up inside the frame rails. The draw back to this is it will move everything up, engine, torque tube, transaxel and there just isn't any room for that. You will find when doing a project like this is that there is always a trade off. Remember this.....whenever you modify something of this nature it will usually affect several other things. I will discuss this as I go along. This took me 4 hours to mock up. It was the easiest part of the whole build.


This pic shows the upper mounting arms of the 944 suspension.


You will have to notch the pinch welds slightly to get the arms to fit tightly into the body.

The trans mounts, only 2. Two inch thickwall square tubing is used for the mount.

Welded to the body. Trans bolted to the square tubing.

Temporarily tack the tubing in place and mount the trans mounts to it with c-clamps until you get the torque tube and engine in place. Once you have everything in place, then you can make it permanent.

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